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As Izak Bester has ministered to my church, Christ Worship Center, he has been a tremendous
blessing to the congregation and to me.  His prophetic insight has been a confirming and stirring
word that has challenged us to move higher with God.  Operating in the office of a true Prophet, he
was very instrumental in encouraging my leadership with a word of wisdom and knowledge that
carried us through a trying and challenging time for our church.  It is very refreshing to see the
anointed ministering gift of God operating in the Church in a truly Biblical manner.  Izak, thank you for
your self-sacrifice to come to this nation, and minister to us with such conviction and power.  Any
church or individual would be greatly blessed by Izak Bester's ministry.

Pastor Tony L. Hall
Christ Worship Center
Woodbridge, VA
Following are some testimonies from where Izak Bester has
ministered.  It is God who gives the gifts of wisdom and
revelation.  It is God who operates through man to plant seeds of
change in the world and in our hearts.  God is the Lord of the
Harvest and therefore deserves to be honored as such with our
harvest of testimonies.  If you have a testimony you would like us
to consider from one of our meetings or teachings, with the sole
intent of giving God the glory, please
contact us.
I consider Izak Bester a dear brother and a gifted prophet and can recommend him to you and to your
ministry with absolutely no reservations.  This is a statement I do not make lightly.  Indeed, this is
something I would say of very few individuals.  As a pastor I have seen firsthand how much damage
self-designated "prophets" can inflict on individuals and churches.  Izak is a man who is humbly
submitted to the authority of Christ and ministers in the love of the Lord.  He is not afraid to say "I do
not know" if he is not certain of what the Lord is saying or doing.  Izak honors the spiritual authority of
the shepherds the Lord has placed over individual congregations.  He also respects the authority the
spiritual elders of the larger community carry.  

Izak Bester has ministered at my church with great effectiveness in proclaiming the word of the living
God from the pulpit and in praying with individuals as he shared with them what the Lord was
showing him concerning their lives.  He has been warmly received into a weekly pastor's prayer group
I have been involved with for many years.  This group is made up of pastors from different streams of
Christian tradition whose hearts are centered on a desire to see the kingdom of God manifested in
our communities as the Lord Jesus is exalted.  Izak is well respected as a genuine prophet of God by
everyone in the group.

Izak is a humble man who ministers boldly as he follows the leading of the Holy Spirit.  He is
sensitive to his surroundings and recognizes that congregations can have very different personalities,
expectations, and cultures as to what is, or is not, appropriate.  While Izak is sensitive to these things
in order to communicate as effectively as possible, he is focused on serving the Lord with absolute
integrity and without compromise.  He has the wisdom and ability to speak challenging truths, even
rebukes in some situations, without having people shut down so they cannot hear what he is saying.

I pastor a Baptist church which is over a century old and is now ministering in the power of the Holy
Spirit in many ways as the Lord opens this transitioning congregation to a greater awareness of the
kingdom of God.  I have been in this church over nine years, and have seen great spiritual growth in
many ways, but there were still people there the first Sunday morning Izak preached who had not had
personal experience with prophetic ministry.  The response to Izak's ministry was overwhelmingly
positive and enthusiastic.  The most frequently asked question I got afterward was, "When is Izak
coming back?"!   

You will be blessed by Izak Bester’s ministry!  

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me.  I will be glad to speak with
you about Izak and his ministry.

Pastor James H. Bethany
Richland Baptist Church
Fredericksburg, VA  
If you have been blessed by these testimonies, and would like Izak
Bester to minister to your congregation, please contact him directly at
703-509-1728.  You may also use our
on line request form.
And so is the word of the
Lord that goes forth......
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