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I want to unite myself in partnership with Eagle Christian Ministries International.  I am
committing to join my faith and prayers, in word and in action, with yours, so that together we
might prepare the way for the Lord and take possession of the land for Him.  I agree to be
added to your email list, to receive updates and newsletters from ECMI.
I want to contribute financially to the work of ECMI through the following:
By Check.  Send to:  ECMI, c/o Izak Bester, PO Box 1044, Locust Grove, VA  22508
By Credit Card through Paypal (you do not need a paypal account to do this)
I would like you to add your faith to mine in the following prayer request: (Mat 18:19)
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Thank you for your interest in partnering with ECMI.  We value each and every
person who joins with us to carry God's fire across this nation and beyond.  Be
assured that we will be covering you in our prayers, as you cover us.

Stay blessed!
It is in unity and harmony
that beautiful symphonies
are created.
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