Have you noticed?  Have you noticed children?  Have you noticed the turning of the leaves?  Have you
noticed the turning of the colors?  Have you noticed children of God the change of the seasons?  Have you
noticed you who are so busy with your own little lives?  Did you see the change?  Did you see the
cleansing?  Did you see the shaking?  Did you see the sweeping?  Did you see the mess?  Did you see the
winds?  Have you noticed the woods?  It is fall.  It is time for a cleansing.  It is time for a sweeping.  It is
time for fertilization for the next season.  It is a time of death.  Can you feel the undercurrent?  Can you see
the water running?  Can you feel the vibrations of water running under the earth?  The ground is drinking
up the water and it is running under the earth.

Have you seen My people.  They are My undercurrent.  You cannot quench My people.  For they carry My
lifeblood.  On the surface they are dry and withered.  So it shall be to you America.   You shall dry.  You
shall wither.  You shall shed.  As leaves falling from the trees and the trees are shedding themselves, so
watch children, so shall you shed many tears.  You shall see no color.  You shall see no life.  But today I
say to you Rehoboam the deadness is on the surface only.  

Hear!  Hear now you snake!  Hear now you viper!  Hear the voice of God that reverberates throughout the
earth.  You do not know, do you?  You may kill the surface but the roots are drinking from My water.  They
shall come into a new season.  A new day of lush green valleys and abundant rivers and you Rehoboam,
you snake, you viper, you who revel in your mastery of eloquence, you shall wither as the leaves are
withering.  But for one season, but for one season shall you think you reign.  But take heed now.  For the
very ones that you thought you have quenched have been rooted in Me, and they shall rise up above you
and I shall call you to account for all your trickery.  Hear now Rehoboam.  I call you to account for
enslaving My children.  You have drawn them into the murky waters of your own depravity.  I am God of
this nation.  I shall not be mocked.  And hear Me now America, for a season you shall hope.  For a season
you shall seek.  And then for a season you shall rejoice.  Distress and calamity is upon you America.  But
My spirit will never leave you and for those who are My children who drink from the underground streams
that will be your sustenance.  That will be your source.  It will nourish you and sustain you and enrich you.  
You shall look and see many who are thirsty, many who are hungry and you will be able to give that which
sustains you.  But in the end you shall rise in judgment against those who have suppressed you.  It’s the
waters of baptism.  It’s the waters of suppression.  It’s the waters of anxiety.  But you shall rise up out of
the water into My glory and sunlight of My manifest presence.  Surely I say to you America, once again see
you shall see My flag waving in the wind upon this nation.

I say to you Rehoboam, you may touch what is holy.  You may remove from My temple to mock Me, for now
is your hour.  Now is your time.  Go, rebel in your own self-importance.  Go, do with My holy people what
you want to do.  But remember Job.  Remember the ones you have despised.  Remember God whom you
have despised.

This shall be a time of accounting.  So now I send you.  Go do what you have to do.  Do you not see who
your forefathers are?  By your own choice you have sold My people.  You have sold Me.  But know this.  I
shall call to account at the end of your season.  Now up!  America.  Raise the banner of the Lord.  Raise the
banner of the land.  Up!  I say!  Stand up!  Arise, America.  For I will always complete, always finish what I
start.  But for now, by My grace, I send you.  Up now and go into a time of mourning.  Go up, America.  
Wave the banner as you cover yourself in ashes, for the shamefulness of what you’ve committed.  I say to
you now you shall hear the prophet and I shall open your eyes and I shall open your ears that you may hear
and see the Word of the Lord.  You will find that in seeking your own kingdom, you will find that in seeking
your own provision that you will lose it.  Do you think I’m a bouncy ball?  Do you not think there is order and
purpose in all I do?  Why then do you think I might bounce on your city and towns as if I’m a bouncy ball
and leave something behind which you’ve heard others talks about?  You seek and shall not find and I
have spoken to you through My prophet.  You think you know a lot and you speak a lot about a lot of things
of which you know little.  So experience My grace in a time of distress that you might humble yourselves.  
And not the mockery you make of humbling yourselves on Capitol Hill and think I’ll jump at your least
command.  I am God and I am holy.  In your distress, go.  I do not want a charade of dignitaries to validate
what you are doing.  Go.  Cover yourself with sackcloth and ashes and mourn that I might relent from the
calamity that is coming upon you.  Call upon Me. Not from your lofty heights, and call upon Me there where
you are covered in sackcloth and ashes that I might shorten the time.  

I am God who appoints and removes rulers for My pleasure.  I am God of whom you talk a lot about but
whom you do not know at all.  There is a remnant that have not defiled the land with their networks and
their networking, but a remnant of true priests that I’ve kept for Myself.  I send you one with fire in his eyes
and he shall ignite the fires.  Pray to the Lord this day that it shall happen soon.   And see that I am a
merciful God.  I am slow to anger.  I am abounding in grace.  Pray for your enemies for your sakes.  

Listen, can you hear the waters?  They are there under the earth where I placed them.  Pure.  Fresh.  
Wholesome.  That is your sustenance.  Your source.  And now, My children, call upon Me and I will explain
what I have spoken by the mouth of the prophet.