The Whirlpool
This is a vision that I am seeing.  I am describing what I see as I see it.  

There is a very great river.  It is very broad, very large and very wide.  Lush, green trees line either side of the river.  The
day is sunny with clear skies and warm temperatures.  I am above the river, looking down on it.  I am looking to my right,
upstream.  At the same time I am looking, it’s as if I can feel the water itself, and it is lukewarm.

It seems like a perfect day.  The sun is shining, and the water is a crystal clear blue.  The water of the river is perfectly
tranquil, perfectly peaceful, and perfectly calm.  The surface is flat as far as one can see, like a sheet of glass.   As I look
upstream, there are many people in the river enjoying themselves – carefree and happy.  The water is lukewarm, like a
bathtub, and is causing a state of total relaxation.  The blueness of the water is also so beautiful to look at, that visually,
the water is having a calming, sedating effect.  The people are simply floating along without a care in the world, in a
seeming state of limbo.  It seems as if everything is working together in such a way as to dull every sense.  There was
no direction, no purpose; people were simply going with the flow.

Then my vision shifts, and I am looking down right in front of me into the river.  I see a HUGE whirlpool, a vortex.  I can
see that the swirling undercurrent of the vortex goes far out, and the mouth, the actual opening to the vortex, is very wide.  
The people are unaware that the vortex is there.  The smooth, glasslike surface of the river continues all the way to the
lip of the vortex and then all of a sudden plunges down.  

Because of their low line of vision, the swimmers can only see a continuance of water – not the big mouth. You have to
be elevated above surface level in order to see the mouth. All they can see is the deceptively tranquil surface. They
cannot see the vortex until they are right on top of it.  

As some people get close to the outer rim of the vortex, they begin feeling the pull of the undercurrent; and I can see by
the expression on their faces that they realize something is wrong.  All of a sudden they are a bit more alert in the water,
breaking out of their slumber.  They don’t like the pull they are feeling, and begin to kick.  They are able to free
themselves from the circle of momentum from the undercurrent and swim to the riverbank closest to where I am
standing.  Others also sense this same thing, but because the beauty of the river and the day captivates their senses,
they ignore that “warning” and are lulled into a deeper sense of false security, being pulled past the point of no return.  

As the people get closer, the pull and the power of the vortex become irresistible to all matter.  It’s as if the vortex is
purposefully luring and drawing people in from even far up the river.   It is so subtle that the people are not even aware of
it.  The drawing motion is so pleasurable that people are just giving themselves over, with no form of resistance.  It is not
until they get to the lip of the vortex that they realize they are in trouble, and frantically try to swim away, but it is too late.

From where I am, I can see straight down into the vortex.  It is funnel shaped, with the bottom spout at the river bottom,
curving oddly at the end to form an elbow to the left along the floor of the river.  
As I look into the vortex, I see many people caught in the swirling, powerful momentum.  They are being pulled
downwards, spiraling down in a clockwise direction. The momentum is so great that the people remain in an upright
position, unable to move and unable to break free.  The force of gravity from the spinning water has them pinned in
place.  They clearly can see where they are going, and understanding what is happening, are screaming in absolute
horror, terror and fear.  They are completely helpless and powerless to do anything.   The noise of the water is so great
that I cannot hear them, but I know they are screaming by the expression on their faces and wide-open mouths.  

Then suddenly in front of me a HUGE hand reaches down, and with the index finger reaches into the left side of the
spinning massive mouth of the vortex. Instantaneously, the momentum and spinning is stopped. The hand then moves
the finger counter-clockwise only half a turn, or half the diameter of the mouth of the vortex.  Just this half turn is enough
to cause a reversal in the water flow in the vortex, so it is now moving in a counter-clockwise direction. As it does, the
reverse momentum increases, and I see many, many people being sucked right out of the deepest parts of the vortex,
and literally being thrown high up in the air, out of the whirlpool.
This is the Word of the Lord:

“That which the enemy meant for destruction, I’ll turn it around, sayeth God.  I will turn it around for you, just because
you asked.  I will turn it around, just because you asked.  Do you understand?  Just because you asked Me.  Even when
it looks hopeless, it is never too late.  Nothing is impossible with God.  All things are subject to God.  All of nature,
everything in heaven and everything on earth are under His feet.  There is no force, no momentum that He cannot stop.  
All matter is subject to God. It is never, ever too late for God and for His intervention.

Am I not your deliverer, sayeth God?  Have I not made you promise upon promise that I will heal you?  That I will deliver
you?  That I will prosper you?  Is it not in My power to turn things around for you?  Why is it that all people that are so
smart and so insignificant are so quick to forget who I am?  

It is time for My people to understand that you cannot rekindle a dead fire without fire.  And so unless I give fire there will
be no fire.  You have failed all these years.  I’ve sent My prophets.  They weren’t honored men according to your
standards.  The problem lies within you.  You cannot hear.  You have lost the ability to hear.  So you shall learn every
good and perfect gift comes from above.  Hearing.  Fire.  Provision.  Healing.  You will learn they only come from My
hand.  So it is time for the momentum, which you have started and allowed, to run its full course.

Even now Ahab with his covetous spirit desires all the land and the harvest that belongs to My people.  Even now
Jezebel will go and take from My people.  I will dress you Ahab with all the pomp and regalia that befits a king.  But
inside you are a shriveled-up little man.

For those that have ears to hear: The remnant of the Lord, not the self-righteous, not according to your identification of
the remnant, but My remnant that I’ve kept hidden, that I’ve raised; those My Spirit has raised up.  They’ll stand up.  You
shall know it is not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit.  The finger of God is what changes it all.  So come to your
senses, children.  Church.  Stop declaring yourselves as My remnant.  A tree is known by its fruit.  The fruit you’ve
produced has provided seeds for the harvest you’re now reaping.  Elisha declared himself to be the only remnant.  
Elisha died.  But My remnant continued to live.  So shall it be with you.  Now pray.  Pray by My Spirit.  Seek not your own
agendas; your own definitions; your own purposes.  But seek My will and it shall be well with you.  Pray to the Lord.  
Pray that the days be shortened.