Isaiah 52:12:  “Do not go out with haste, nor go by flight, for the Lord will go before you,
and the God of Israel will be your rearguard.”  [NKJV]

As I meditated on this verse, the Lord said,  "You are going out to battle and I am going to go out before you,
and I want you to come behind Me."  I kept hearing…. “stay in rank….stay in rank…stay in rank….”

What I saw was the point of an arrow, or the point of a spear, or of a javelin.  Jesus was the tip, piercing
through.  It broke through, making the path accessible.  It was surprising the ease that I could then move
forward, coming behind Him.  I could see myself charging forward, almost running, with a battle cry on my lips.  

Then I saw the full arrow.  Jesus is the tip of the arrow.  What is the tip of the arrow called?  The arrow "head".  
Is not Jesus the Head of the Body?  We, His people, are the shaft of the arrow, following behind the “head”.  The
Holy Spirit is the feathers at the end of the shaft.  These are called flights.  The flights give the arrow direction.  
They also stabilize the arrow as it is released.

So if we put this together, it could read:  “I will go before you as your arrowhead and I will be your rearguard,
coming behind you as your navigational flights."  

“Do not go out with haste, nor go by flight."  Darts are like small arrows, and have what are called "flights" on
the back end of them. There are many different types of flights, and they come in different sizes, depending on
the weight of the dart.  Flights also come in different shapes, which will change air flow and resistance.  If you
put a small flight on a heavy dart, it will take off, but it will not stay airborne, drop too quickly, and miss the

How does this apply to the above verse?  Not all flights are Holy Spirit flights!!!  Therefore, the part of the
verse…. “nor go by flight”…..means don’t quickly go or move out (or “go out with haste”) with just any flight
(sense of prompting, nudging, feeling).  The “flight” may not be a nudging from God, but from the enemy to get
you off course, or even from your own fleshly motivations.  

Let’s not miss the mark in this season!  For God would say…..

   For you shall not go out with haste,
   Nor go by flight
   For the Lord will go before you
   The God of Israel shall by your rearguard
Eagle Christian Ministries International