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There is a very great move of God coming to the USA, and the Lord has commissioned ECMI to be a
prophetic voice for this generation to declare His Word and to work alongside the Body of Christ to prepare
God’s people for His visitation.  We are accomplishing this through a process of inter-denominational
ministry engagements, seminars, conventions, and small group meetings in the USA.  In addition, as an
international ministry, we are actively involved in raising up new leaders and Disciples of Christ across the
world.  Right now, we are leading over 40,000 churches with approximately 1.6 million active members
spread over many countries in southern and central Africa, and are in the process of establishing new
churches, bible schools, Christian schools, and evangelism training.  Our goal is to complete the training of
1,000 evangelists and pastors by the end of 2013.

We are called to cross all denominational lines and to be an itinerant ministry in order to be more effective in
our commission.  We desire to see the Body of Christ become one unified, mighty, invincible army of
believers who are leading countless others to the Lord Jesus Christ, teaching them to become true disciples
of Jesus…not just converts!

Your generosity, financial support, and faithful prayers are needed, so that together, we can reach God’s
people and change lives across America and on every continent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rest assured that your generous contributions will be used to declare the Word of the Lord, to declare the
message of salvation, and to prepare the saints for the next move of the Lord. Not every believer is sent, but
every believer is called upon to support the spreading of the prophetic word of the Lord and the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. Through your contributions you can become active in this mandate, and the Lord will count it to
you as if you have personally witnessed. “For God is not unrighteous to forget or overlook your labor and
the love which you have shown for His name’s sake in ministering to the needs of the saints – His own  
consecrated people – as you still do.”  (Heb 6:10)

Thank you for supporting us through your prayers, your financial support, and through ministry invitations.
Stay blessed!
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