Introducing Izak Bester's new book
Partnership:  God's Way for Success,  Prosperity, and Survival.
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We succeed not through individualism, but
through operating collectively and
synergistically as one. Our effectiveness and
survival as Christians will depend and be
determined by our ability to partner together in
Christ. To partner means to unite under one
common banner, with all working together, hand
in hand, toward a common goal.
Partnership is a catalyst for manifesting God’s
blessings and experiencing His protection and
provision.  Because the laws that God sets forth
in His Word are immutable, the information
elaborately explained in this timely, powerful
book can greatly benefit all.
In his review of this timely book, Douglas Anderson, Esq., President and Co-Founder of America Reclaimed Ministries writes,
“No longer are we united Americans, but now we are hyphenated Americans:  African Americans, Mexican Americans, Latin Americans.  
Our focus is more about our differences rather than what we have in common.  We live in a world that is getting more and more divisive.”

“More than ever, America needs to come back together; we need to unify, and understand the importance of doing so.  Therein lies the
significance of this book.  Izak Bester is not just a personal friend and mentor; he is also a great Biblical scholar.  When he teaches on a
subject that the Lord has laid upon his heart, he does so thoroughly and with deep reflection.  This work is no exception.  What it means for
Christians to partner together, the value of doing so, and the various implications that arise from that bond of unity are all covered in this
power-packed book.  This book will challenge you, yet it will also equip and empower you to take the steps of faith you need to better
accomplish the calling God has on your life.”
This book had its origin in a two-page letter on partnership, but as is often the case with God, however, He intended much more.  Like
most people, I thought I understood partnership, but that was before the Lord took me on a wonderful journey of discovering - yet again
and to a depth I never imagined - His blueprint for our survival and continuous prosperity as individuals as well as Christian communities.

Throughout the writing of this book, I have been led step by step, guided by the Lord and the Holy Spirit in a beautiful, new, refreshing way.  
He has, once again, shown His heart, His desire, and His intent of partnership with His creation for the purpose of multiplying His
Presence and His Kingdom in every aspect of our lives and our society.  

The writing of this book comes at no better time.  The Bible is clear that in the last days, many will fall away from the faith because false
doctrines and false teachers lead them astray.  What this denotes is that there are many well-meaning Christians out there who say they
love the Lord with all their hearts and who even say they will never deny their Lord, but in the end they will not inherit the Kingdom of God
because they are following after charismatic teachers, preachers, pastors, ministries, and prophets instead of staying the course with
God.  Man is fallible; God is not.  In our walk with God, we are to, first and foremost, be in partnership with the Lord Jesus Christ and then
anyone else the Holy Spirit directs us to after that.  

The concept of partnership is one of Divine origin - one God, and God alone, imagined, visualized, and created.  He made man in His
image and likeness and placed man on the earth as a partner with Himself to rule, to reign, and to multiply His kingdom and His
likeness.  Satan takes that same concept and uses it for the reciprocal - to multiply his kingdom of death and destruction.  Whom we
partner with, then, in any aspect of our lives, is critical, because whomever we partner with is what we ourselves will bring into our own
lives and reproduce in the lives of those around us.  The consequences of our associations will either be a blessing or a curse.  

The information in this book can greatly benefit anyone who reads it.  The laws of God are immutable.  There are many blessings -
spiritual laws and principles - that God sets forth in His Word that are activated when individuals or groups of people, such as
businesses and churches, partner together with His anointed and appointed ministries.  In the coming days, the survival of Christianity
will depend on God's sovereign move upon the hearts of His people to return to Him, in holiness and sanctification, and our response to
the cleansing, purifying fire of the Holy Spirit.  People will either resist Him and fall farther away or submit to Him, allowing His
overwhelming forgiveness, grace, and love to perfect them in the image of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Those that choose to truly step away from the world, to discover who Jesus Christ really is and who they really are in Christ Jesus, must
learn to come together as never before; to work, support, and encourage one another in order to grow and mature into the body that God
predestined us to be.  In the coming days, our survival as Christ-ians in all aspects of life will depend and be determined by our ability to
partner together in Christ.

This book describes partnership as a beautiful romance, a perfect love story. A story not only of love, but also of passion, dedication,
support, unselfishness, sacrifice, dignity, integrity, laughter, and joy, because these are all traits that are fundamental in true partnership.
It is within and through partnership and unity that people see a true reflection of God, giving us the ability to be transformed ourselves
more into His likeness and reflect Him again to those around us. It is within and through partnership that we can also withstand the
attacks of the enemy, which come all too frequently and with greater intensity against us. We succeed not through individualism, but
through individuals operating collectively as one.

As followers and believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we should understand that our first and foremost allegiance is to Him and His
Kingdom.  Even in theological disagreements amongst ourselves, we should display this one unification factor of unity.  Our complete
commitment to Him and to one another should stand as a testimony and an example to unbelievers.  It should promote His Kingdom, His
virtues, and the gift of eternal life to whosoever will believe.  

The Constitution of the United States of America is that one binding element that holds the citizens together in complete unity.  The
Constitution starts with the preamble  "we the people".   How much more should the Christian church today not be the original mirror from
which the Constitution is reflected?  

We the people...
God's people...

Izak Bester
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you are partnering with the Lord
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Introduction to Partnership From the Author
Partnership Book Reviews
"This book will empower you with a clear and concise working understanding of the applicable principles of partnership necessary to
success in life; show you how partnering will put you in connected positions that trigger the release of favor through the power of
agreement; open your understanding and align you with 'seizing the moment' awareness of the prophetic destinies waiting to unfold in
your life through partnerships; and give you better understanding to the timely changes that necessarily occur as our partnerships mature.
Reading and applying the principles in this book will not only change your life, marriage, family, and business or ministry, it will forever
change how you see people and the partnership potential all around you. If you want to experience the power of God's blessings in your life
in a new dimension, get at least ten copies for all of your new partnerships or partnerships ready to be renewed and revitalized today!"
Ps. Michael Hirsch, Calvary Christian Church
"Partnership is an exciting book in which the author reveals God's plans for a productive lifestyle that guarantees success in every aspect
of life. The author speaks from years of experience in the church and business community, and he reveals the secrets that will unlock the
doors of not only survival but also prosperity. I like how he deals with misunderstandings and abuses that have caused many of us to turn
away from the very principles that will bless us and set us free. Not only does he bring balance but he also exposes truth just like the Bible
does. When you live by it, you will be transformed. Other books with similar subjects have failed to bring the full picture of what God intends
in partnership! The author has skillfully and accurately brought forth this purpose of God's intentions. I recommend this book to people
everywhere who desire wisdom to see a positive change in their lives."
Dr. Tony L. Hall, The Connection
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shifts religious paradigms, and
re-establishes the essentials of true
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