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Eagle Christian Ministries International
Declaring and Teaching the Oracles of God with Unquestionable Integrity and Without Compromise
Our Mission
• To declare the prophetic message of the Lord to nations, governments, cities, regions, churches, and individuals.

• To teach through prophetic insight the absolute truth of the Word of God with unquestionable integrity and without

• To provide the Lord's direction through prophetic revelation and understanding to His chosen Apostles, Shepherds, and
Teachers. To work together with them to train, equip, and activate their members for where God desires to take them.

• To sound the urgent prophetic call for God’s people to stand together united as one. To promote unity, harmony, cooperation,
and partnership across denominational lines, with Jesus Christ as the unification factor.

• To raise up God’s fire-carriers – His chosen ones who will take His fires of holiness, sanctification, dedication, and
commitment to His body.

• To make known to God’s people the Word of the Lord that they might hear and be prepared for the move of God that is
coming, so like in the time of Joseph, the storehouse can be made ready.

• To establish and oversee international bible schools within geographical regions in order to train up pastors and
evangelists in the nations.

• To be a global Christian ministry, to take God’s word of revelation, direction, and purpose wherever the Spirit leads.
During 1998, and by the Lord’s directive, Eagle Christian Ministries International was founded as a Prophetic and
Teaching Ministry.  Consistent with the Divine calling, it is the explicit purpose of ECMI to come alongside existing
Christian ministries and provide supplemental support. We accomplish this through a process of ministry invitations,
teaching conventions and training/equipping seminars in order to enhance the believers’ understanding, commitment,
and spiritual authority in this world.  Our objective is to create a synergistic movement through partnership with
established churches and ministries to bring forth God’s word specific to their members, their church, their city, their
region, and have those same ministries partner with us, supporting each other in all aspects in our common goal of
proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ.

The commission of ECMI is not just about the church, however.  It is about preparing people to work together in unity, in
harmony, working toward a common goal.  The first and foremost goal is to bring the message of Jesus Christ to
“whosoever will believe”.  Through speaking engagements with businesses and corporations, Christian employers and
employees are trained, equipped, and motivated to grow and partner more effectively with those in their lives. This ability
is God’s gift to those whom He called to operate in all the many facets of commerce to increase profitability and the
overall prosperity and well-being of all of His children.

God has called Izak Bester to be His prophet to the people, not a prophet of the people.  He is ministering extensively to
clergy, churches, home groups, corporations, businesses, politicians, and individuals. It is because of his love for the
Lord, which flows through him and out of him in every meeting, and his willingness to speak clearly and boldly the
message that God gives him that those who attend his meetings often have Divine life-changing encounters with the
Lord Jesus.  Prophetic words he has had for individuals, churches, and the nation have proven over time to be true and
extraordinarily accurate.  His teacher’s anointing, working in unity and harmony with his prophet’s anointing, gives him
the ability to not only bring “new treasures out of old” and explain biblical concepts and principles with wisdom and
understanding, but also how to appropriate those truths in daily living in a practical, continuously overcoming life style.
The anointing and authority that a true prophet of God carries removes the veil of oppression and confusion from the
minds of the listeners.  This allows revelatory understanding in the hearts and minds of God’s people, motivating them to
appropriate the word heard, and to have the faith and courage to become active members of the church, causing a
synergistic process, first within the church, and then continuing that same beneficial process into society.

The Office of Prophet is an undeniable part and function of the five-fold ministry. It is an office established by God Himself
and is not to be denied by any doctrinal beliefs.  The role of the prophet is to speak and declare the word of God, to teach
the oracles of God for the purpose of appropriation of these prophetic revelations, and to cast a vision of God's intentions
before the people. The prophet is called in all cases to do this with the utmost integrity, respect, and humble submittance
to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit. It is not up to the prophet to “filter” the word of God, but is called to speak
whatever word the Lord gives without compromise – which means they are to speak what they hear without fear.

The prophet plays a pivotal role in the process of God's intervention in the affairs of mankind, and he has the ability to see
into the future and bring what he sees into the present. This ability gives direction, purpose, understanding,
encouragement, confirmation, and warning to us.  The prophet has already seen what the rest of the people are just
beginning to sense, and so he has the ability to look back from the point of being forward and see all the "dust storms"
the enemy can kick up to try and thwart the plans of the Lord, causing a deceptive perspective of reality and leading
people, governments, and nations astray. The prophetic often challenges the status quo and shifts our paradigms from
where we are to where God desires us to be. The prophet can help you change the definition of your reality, and set you
on a course for overcoming and victory!  
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