Ministry Sessions on CD

Listed below are teachings from Izak Bester, recorded during live
ministry sessions.  Many lives have been touched and changed as a result
of these prophetic teachings.  These are currently only available in CD

These teachings are available for a donation of $10 per CD to cover our
production and mailing costs within the USA.
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multiple CD's, please account for this in your donation amount.
Righteousness Applied.  THIS IS A 4 CD SET
The Royal Law
The Cycles of God.  THIS IS A 2 CD SET
Successful Discipleship
What is Your Measure?
Running with Endurance.  THIS IS A 2 CD SET
The Power Within
What is a Christian
The Dignity of a Christian
An Easter Message
The Integrity of a Christian
What is Your Reality?
God's Greatest Gift
The Honor of a Christian
Created to Overcome
Law of Reciprocals.  
The Risen Christ
Continuity of God's Word
Having a Heart for God
Your Words are a Creative Force
The Reality of Your Faith
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ordering, please
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