Standing for America
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27 May 2007  
Standing for America

"Father God Almighty, I come before you this day on behalf of my people and on behalf of my land which You gave me as an
inheritance - the United States of America. Father, I know we are much at fault, but this day I come on behalf of the MANY innocent
sheep that were/are led astray by many false "shepherds" and "prophets".  Father, they cannot discern because they've never been
taught how to and as a result they follow the example of the wrong teachers. I pray to You this day that you will hear me as I put
myself between this here Your and my people and as I put them behind me, I pray to You this day to please forgive us of our sins
against you, for Father, they do not know what they're doing. I stand before You Almighty God, Judge of all people and I pray that the
violence against them be averted as You Father forgive them. I know Father in Heaven, Creator of all things, that You are a God who
is slow to anger and abundant in mercy and so My Lord I pray for Your great and unending mercies to be extended upon this here my
and Your people. You brought me here with a Divine message and so I pray that you will grant me the opportunity to take Your
message of grace and love to Your people, so they at least will be able to hear the TRUTH before they're judged by Your
Righteousness. I humbly remind You this day Father of Calvary. I humbly remind You that my Lord and the Savior of this world
became a curse on our behalf so that we might LIVE and become the true children of God in this world. I humbly remind You, Oh
Great and awesome Father, how you were pleased to smite HIM who came to pay the price on our behalf. And so Lord God Almighty,
although the world deserves to be judged by Your Righteous Judgment, I humbly place them - my peoples in this land, behind me
as I plead with You, on their and my behalf, for the forgiveness of our sins, and for an extension of Your Great Grace and Mercies. I
humbly remind You, Oh Great King of Kings of His blood, which flowed for the forgiveness of our sins. And so Merciful God, I make
my petition to You as one standing in the gap, that You will avert the disaster that is planned against my and Your people until the
appointed time. That You Father God Almighty will send Your angels to guard and protect Your people and the peoples of this land. I
pray to You, Oh Great and Awesome Father for the conviction of Your Holy Spirit to come upon the peoples of this land, that we might
all experience the greatest move of Your Spirit this world has ever seen. That not only this land, but the world may see and know, and
come to fear, that You alone are God and are our God. I pray Father for Your Holy fires to burn in this land - in this world. Fires that
will purify Your people with Your Love. Fires that will burn away all the things of this world from amongst Your people. I pray Father,
that Your Holy Spirit will have all opportunity to convict this world of sin so that we might all come before You in heart-rendering
repentance and receive Your forgiveness - for Your Glory.

Father, this world and these here my people cannot come before You with true repentance unless we are all convicted by Holy Spirit
so that we might truly understand the depravity of our minds and the defilement of our spirits. So now, Great and Awesome Father,
Creator and Sustainer of all things, I pray this day to You for Your Spirit to come and ignite the fires of God in this land, and not the
fires of destruction. That Holy Fires of God will burn this land that we might have life and not death. I praise You Lord God Almighty,
that You are not limited to resort to violence and destruction in order to judge this land and the world, but that YOU ARE LOVE!!  And
so by the Love of God, I pray forgive those who are eagerly awaiting "your violent destruction" to teach all a lesson - forgetting that
even they who are praying for that, are as deceived and evil as the very world they want to judge.       

Great Judge of Righteousness! Hear my plea for this nation, for the world, and hear Oh God, the prayer of one standing in the gap. I
pray to You this day, Oh Great and Awesome God - the Only Living God - for those who are truly standing in the gap, just as I am
doing today.  That You, Oh Lord, will use THEM in this next great move of Your Holy Spirit, and not use those self-appointed,
self-righteous "prophets" of doom and destruction. Surely Father, You have used even them to show us what would certainly happen
if we are removed from the protection of Your love - Your Son, The great I AM, the Son of Your Love, The Great and only Savior of this
world, the LORD JESUS CHRIST.                                                                                                 

So Lord God Almighty, Supreme Judge of all, I make my petition before You only in His Name - the Name above all names - the
Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Izak Bester                                                                                                                      
Washington DC            
Dear Reader,

During the latter part of May, 2007 I had an intense period with Lord and was held captive by Holy Spirit in my
apartment in Arlington, Virginia for a period of about 10 days.  During this time I had a variety of visions from
the Lord. I was taken in the spirit to travel across the USA, and was allowed to see many things that grieved
my spirit tremendously. The Lord allowed me to see many, many things from His perspective, and I was left in
a state of utter despair and hopelessness for this nation by what I saw. It brings about a complete change of
perspective when we’re allowed to see ourselves, others, and life through the eyes of the Lord.  What grieved
me most was to see how the innocent sheep of the Lord were misled and misinformed by many leaders who
were intent on their own glory and were serving the god of self. I was shocked by the depravity of the minds
and the complete absence of conscience of some leaders. The visions grew in intensity until one day I fell on
my knees, begging the Lord for mercy as I was shown the Lord’s anger and disgust. I started to pray and
intercede and this prayer flowed out of my lips as I was given inspiration and help by Holy Spirit. We need to
realize that as believers we are the Lord’s House of Prayer - the Lord’s chosen vessels through which Holy
Spirit will make intercession for the Saints (for the nation).

I subsequently sent this prayer to a number of individuals whom I knew I could trust, those the Lord showed
me whom He called to intercede – His true intercessors, and to LITERALLY stand in the gap on behalf of the
peoples of this land. This is no easy call, and requires a Divine conviction in the heart of such individuals. It
requires steadfastness, commitment, dedication, and courage.

Since then I have heard accounts of meetings across the land where this prayer was read in the hearing of
many of the Lord’s people, and many, many have responded and are now standing in agreement with us, and
are standing in the gap for this nation. I have also been informed that many new intercessory movements
were raised up as a result of God’s people becoming convicted to PRAY and to STAND IN THE GAP.

Let's take a moment to look at the meaning and usage of the words used for intercession in the bible.
In Hebrew the words, 'paga' and 'palal' are used. These may be translated 'to come against, to strike against,
to be violent against' and also 'to intervene, to mediate, to come between two parties, to assail, anyone with

In Greek the words 'entugchano' and 'huperentugchano' are used most often, and have the meaning of 'to fall
in with, to plead with, to entreat, to intercede on behalf of another.'

There is also another Greek word used which has a special significance. Let's see its use in 1Tim 2:1:
"Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all
men... "  The word used here is 'enteuxis', which is a technical term used for approaching a king, and is used
in this instance for 'seeking the presence and hearing of God on behalf of others.’

From these we can see the two sides of intercession, which are to, 'fall in with another and be violent against
their adversary' and 'to go to God on another's behalf'.  From this basis we can understand that an intercessor  
‘is one who takes a place of another, prays for him, and pleads his case.’

If you sense the urging of Holy Spirit to come into agreement with us, then please enlist with us as we
'enteuxis', 'entugchano' and 'huperentugchano' on behalf of this nation.

Also, for the purpose of unity, please go to the Partnership page and Partnership sign up page and let us have
your details so we can keep you abreast of the growth of unity, as well as future prayer gatherings across the
land, and where you hopefully can attend our prayer conventions.


Stay blessed in HIM,

Izak Bester
As the rose is embedded in the folds
of the sheet, so is America embedded
in the fold of God's Hand.